UNTITLED RECORDS, 2016 - performative Installation
UNTITLED RECORDS is a performative sound installation weaving historical and emotional narratives through the “instrumentalisation” of a collection of records. An ensemble of reimagined record players are instruments built to perform an intimate selection from a family archive of popular music : “..a set of records carefully shipped home from a country at war forty years ago”.
The vinyls were purchased in Angola, Portugal and Canada over a time span from the 60s to the early 80s and have travelled over three continents.
Stained by the passage of time, scratched, with their covers eaten by moths the records are signed and dated; they exist as passive witnesses of a displacement in time and space.

Each date and signature is a coordinate, a clue in the reconstruction of a map tracing complex historical occurrences splitting into an infinite number of threads.
The multi arm record players with which several timelines can be played - from one single record to an ensemble of vinyls intertwine a juxtaposition of temporalities and imagined narratives trapped within the collection.
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