"Threnody" is a performative sound installation that explores the sonic manifestations of glass surfaces and bell jars set in friction by movement in order to reveal their meaning and timber qualities.The tables are constructed out of sheets of glass placed over metallic pins that allow for minimal points of contact and maximum vibration.

They are amplified with contact microphones that capture the sounds and contact speakers feed the vibration to the other tables. Through the exploration of the sonic possibilities of this sound object a kind of alphabet emerged, defining the activation of the sheets and jars into a score which I observed and inscribed onto the glass. A dialogue in between the objects is created, sounds produced are captured, looped and sent back and forth to the tables creating a crescendo of progressively saturated musical phrases. Feedback becomes inevitable as a result of this buildup.

The piece is conceived to exist in between a constant cycle, a layering of colliding events where movement and matter seem to find a resolution in "attunment" through juxtaposing its dissonances; a process that grows to be questioning a resolution to its own coming into existence.

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