Sound installation project + Improvisational Performance with two guest musicians: Hugo Fernandes (cellist) and Jorge Queijo (percussionist)
The installation deals with the natural process of entropy, and the new possibilities of the sounds of a “dying” instrument. Woodworms, humidity, time and abandonment create beautiful new instruments, with perfectly untuned possibilities. Using small motors, the instruments come alive through the use of small motor fans strategically placed over the strings creating a continuous drone to witch the empty space responds.
 The performative action of activating the found turnings of this obsolete instruments is the departure point of this performative installation. 
All the elements in the installation are used to produce sound, the old doors, the abandoned ventilation system of this old slaughter house, resonate. The lights in the installation are the only source of light in this decommissioned building. By manipulating the flicker of the lights, we achieve a glitch in the sound system provoked by the fluctuation patterns on electrical current that interferes with the sound system, all elements come together to to resonate in a point of confluence between the history of the building and the instruments.
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